DDoS protection

The truth behind DDoS protected DNS service

Have you ever wondered if the DDoS protected DNS services are true, or are they just another Internet scam? Now we will uncover this type of service. Are DDoS attacks so dangerous or not? Let’s jump into it!

What is a DDoS attack?

The DDoS attacks are a cyber attack, where bad actors use various methods to generate a lot of traffic towards a target, with the purpose to overwhelm it. Then, when the target can’t respond to normal queries anymore, it will deny service to newly connected users, and from there, the name comes.

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Are DDoS attacks common?

A survey from The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) showed that 35% of US companies had suffered DDoS attacks. According to Netscout, there will be 11 million DDoS attacks in 2021, which is around a 10% increase compared to 2019. So, DDoS attacks are very common.

Who should be afraid of DDoS attacks?

There are various types of DDoS attacks and purposes. Some try to disable your site or application temporarily. Others will continue to attack you and not allow you to function until you pay a ransom. Finally, some will use the DDoS attack as a distraction and try to steal data from your servers meanwhile. We should all be afraid. 

How to stay safe from DDoS attacks?

There are 3 main ways to protect, and you can use them together.

1. Have more name servers connected with a load balancing method. Distribute the traffic, and you can withstand even strong attacks.

2. Use intelligent firewall software. Understand the traffic and drop the malicious one.

3. Use a DDoS protected DNS service. That way, you can add more servers and have strong protection easily.

What is a DDoS protected DNS service?

A DDoS protected DNS service is a DNS service that offers you the chance to manage your domain name, have an active data packet monitor and filter, a large network of name servers for better load balancing, and automatic triggers for a better reaction.

Enabling it will let you be free of most of the worries related to DDoS attacks. It will stop most of them – small, medium, and even strong attacks. Still, you can’t be 100% secure, but it is the best you can do.

The truth behind the DDoS protected DNS service is that it is a very cost-effective method to protect your domain and to have excellent uptime. Creating your own DDoS protection from zero will cost you enormous efforts, high investment costs, and extra expenses for maintenance.

Should you pay for a DDoS protected DNS service?

First of all, how important is it for your application or site to be 100% online? If having your domain reachable all the time is crucial, then the answer is YES! DNS downtime will cause your site or app to be unreachable, and the clients won’t be able to use it. This will translate to a bad user experience, fewer sales (if it is an e-commerce platform), and worsened business reputation.

If you have a basic portfolio site or a blog that could afford downtime without any strong consequences, then the answer is NO. If you are just starting, this is an expense that you can save for later.


Now you know the truth. The DDoS protected DNS service is a valuable protection method against DDoS attacks of various strengths and sizes.